Download free Plastic Sound Supply sampler

If you've lived in Denver for a while, chances are you've seen names like CacheFlowe, George & Caplin and Scaffolding around town. If you've heard of these acts but haven't actually heard any of them, now is your chance to do so with very little effort and very little cash. For free, actually. Click through for details.

Plastic Sound Supply has uploaded a freebie sampler to Soundcloud. It has ten tracks in all, none of them new, but all of them worth checking out if you're a fan of electronic music of any kind.

Unlike the excellent Experimental Dance Breaks 36 this sampler is all about Plastic Sound Supply's resident musicians. That means you'll get some early tracks from CacheFlowe and Scaffolding, as well as some samples of newer material from George & Caplin and Wentworth Kersey.

When you dive in, you'll find some of Denver's best electronic music, and if you haven't given a bit of time to CacheFlowe's material, you really should start now. The same goes for the rest of the artists, and since each have two or three songs on here, you should be able to get a good enough of an idea to decide if you'd like to pursue them more.

If you're interested in something a bit more fresh, you might appreciate the little mash-up up material from the new iuengliss album, Blank Matter, due out on February 15 on Plastic Sound Supply.

Blank Matter LP Demo by iuengliss

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