Moving Pictures: A first look at Afterlife Allstar's "Yeah" video

The Cadava Records crew is in the building, folks. This song and its accompanying video is straight fire. The clip, Vince Lance's first, which stars the Afterlife Allstars -- RRAAHH Foundashun's Life The M.C, Azma, last seen in US Pipe, Status (Bagz of Dagga), Manic, Louie Cypha (Rotten) and Krookid Hooks -- instantly caught our attention with the vibrant, eye-catching graff in the opening frames. But that proved to only be a momentary distraction.

Ever had your ass completely handed to you before you even knew what was going on? Yeah? That's exactly what this is like. Before you even begin nodding your head, Azma's all up in your grill talking about Allstars being in the building, murdering and killing it and what have you, and he's saying it with such authority and conviction that not only do you believe him, but we're pretty sure that no jury in the country would convict because whatever "it" is that he's referring to, clearly it had it coming.

And before you can gather yourself, Status steps up and adds his lumps, and that's immediately followed by sucker punch from Life the MC and the rest of the Allstars, making it abundantly clear: These cats have serious chemistry that is not to be fucked with. We'll have to hear what else these guys produce before we can say for certain, but it looks like we may have Denver's latest supergroup on our hands here.

Oh and in case there's any question as to where these hooligans hail from, the Allstars pay not-so subtle homage to their hometown. Don't miss plentiful cameos by the Queen City -- 38th and Lipan outside Chubbies, Colfax in front of the Ogden, Federal Boulevard in front of Invesco and Olinger in Lower Highlands, all serve as the backdrop for this one.