Boulder electro-savants Savoy are giving it away

Due to MSTRKRFT's last-minute Monolith no-show (the flu, I guess) I caught a set from Savoy, Boulder's answer to MSTRKRFT/Justice, after they were moved to the SoCo stage and I had a slot open up in my schedule. And I have to say I was well and pleasantly surprised -- after their extended, body-rocking set, I can't say I missed seeing MSTRKRFT at all. They more than filled that slot in my heart. And the hearts of the ton of other folks crowded around me asking, "Who is this?" while having their faces rocked off.

The threesome (two computer/mixer dudes, one drummer) announced that their EP was available for free and I grabbed it this morning. Guess what? It's pretty damn good! It lacks the gut-wrenching impact of their live set, but on the other hand it supplies some much-needed dynamics that weren't there in their performance -- live it was FULL ON pretty much constantly. As such, it's a solid intro to their work, as long as you know they are a good bit more intense on stage. Anyway, don't take my word for it -- go grab it yourself from the Savoy website. and add them as friends on MySpace so you'll get a bulletin about their upcoming October CD release party for the full album.