Buffalo Exchange and Beauty Bar team up for Bar Curious on December 25

Once the presents are opened, the food has been picked over and the fighting among relatives has subsided, Bar Curious will be there for you. On Christmas night, Buffalo Exchange has partnered with Beauty Bar to bring you Bar Curious, a queer-friendly dance party featuring veteran DJs Keoki and Jerry Bonham.

"In general, we know people want to get the hell out of their parents' house on Christmas day," says Buffalo Exchange owner and Bar Curious organizer Todd Coletti of the event.

The party aims for inclusion, and Coletti stresses the importance of Bar Curious' gay community-friendly vibe. Buffalo Exchange has been putting on these open-to-all events for the better part of seven years, as not only a celebration of the store's own mix of employees and clientele, but as a thank you to everyone involved. "I mean, we sell size eleven pumps, if that says anything," jokes Coletti of Buffalo Exchange's diversity.

Plus, this year's event should blow the top off of any previous parties, as Coletti has brought in veteran DJs Jerry Bonham and Superstar DJ Keoki. With combined decades of experience behind the decks, the duo will bring a mix of disco and house, both new and old to the pumping post-holiday dance party.

This party is just $5, and things begin around 9 p.m. on December 25. Like the flier says, Bar Curious welcomes "Homo Punks, Bad Boys, Queer Baits, Gender Freaks and Germfs" -- and if you don't know what a Germf is, you need to brush up on your Stefon lingo.