MP3 Freeloader: "Black Crosses" by Strung Out

I grew up on a steady diet of metal and skate rock in my formative years along with a total obsession with skateboarding; so bands like Strung Out earned plenty of boombox time back in the day during the endless skate sessions I had with my friends. Fourteen years and some change later from my backyard skateboarding days and Strung Out is back at it again blending its trademark technical metal riffs and vocal harmonies bolted tightly atop the warp speed double time drumming the band has always been known for. In support of the LA-based punk metal veterans' 20th anniversary and latest album Agents of the Underground, Strung Out is hitting the road and making a stop at the Aggie in Fort Collins on Tuesday, October 27 (sorry, no plans for a Denver / Boulder area show this time around). In honor of the date, the Strung Out dudes have hooked us up with a song from their new album, which we've posted for your downloading pleasure after the jump. Enjoy! And check back later today for more gratis tunes in our Friday Freeloader.

Download "Black Crosses" by Strung Out