The best DIY Shows in Denver in November

SAT | RETOX at 7TH CIRCLE MUSIC COLLECTIVE | 11/2/13 Retox's Justin Pearson has been in a handful of the most respected punk and experimental bands for more than twenty years. He helped found hardcore band Struggle when he was fifteen. By 1994, that project was through, and Pearson was involved with the more noisy Swing Kids, while also starting his own record label, Three One G, and a power-violence outfit called the Locust. The latter continues to this day and has blurred the lines between death metal, power-violence, hardcore and noise rock. In 2011, Pearson teamed up with some friends, including the Locust's drummer Gabe Serbian to write and perform music in a more frenzied hardcore vein as Retox. One thing's for sure, Pearson and company aren't phoning it in. They're not revisiting a more glorious previous age so much as trying to create one here and now.

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