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Lil Wayne's Twitter account compromised. Hacker fails to get the Internet riled.

Yesterday, while Lil Wayne was presumably not diligently monitoring his Twitter account, it was compromised by an unknown Tweeter. Surely the Internet break-in sucked for Weezy once he was alerted, but the bigger problem lay in followers' laps: The faux LilTunechi was a blathering idiot, subjecting us to 140-character spurts of mindless bullshit.

The imposter wasn't creative, or funny or even good at creating substantial fake beef once he had access to the over 1.2 million followers. Instead, he used the few hours of tapped twitterdom to dog Soulja Boy's record sales, and tell Wayne's own mentor, Birdman, that he was too old for the rap game.

Not that the Internet is known for the most intelligent discourse, but really?

Whoever hacked into Weezy's Twitter account had uninterrupted access to thousands of people, and this is what they used it for?

The power of Twitter, since its inception almost five years ago, is pretty phenomenal -- the site has not only been a way for people to spread important information during times of natural disaster, but it has allowed Kanye West to fill his ego with tiny sips of self-loving air for no reason at all while we watched.

It has even given us, the tweet-reading public, some insight into Shaquille O'Neal's surprisingly complex humor. But this compromising of Weezy's tweets left us feeling bored and annoyed by the hacker's corniness and lack of an agenda.

This isn't the first time LilTunechi's handle was taken over by what we can only assume to be a stranger. But unlike last time, when the faker's tweets mostly promised Lil Wayne performances, this round of hijacked tweets were just hollow jabs at Weezy's stint in jail -- at one point alluding to a rape scenario.

Eventually, Twitter was notified of the compromise, later removing Weezy's celebrity verification seal of approval -- a demarcation the website magically gives famous people who request it. (It is still a mystery as to how you acquire verification; however, if you're 1998 MTV VJ wash-up Jesse Camp, you just photoshop the symbol on your picture anyway, in case there was any question of his authenticity.)

Things in the Twitterverse are relatively back to normal once again, and Lil Wayne apparently has a new Twitter handle, LilTunechi_YM, if you wish to follow. There is no verification on the account yet, but by the slow tweeting and lack of sex jokes and celebrity trashing going on, we can only assume it is the real deal. Hopefully, the hacker behind this minor Twitter upset has learned that once you're on the inside, you should probably consider at least making things interesting.