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To bing or not to bing: That is the question.

Looking for the best place to rock out in Denver? You don't say. So are we. What a coincidence. Luckily, this morning we happened upon this helpful billboard, which promises to help make our daunting quest infinitely easier. The hunt, it seems, at least according to Microsoft's flagship search engine, has been narrowed down to one of two places.

Oddly, however, when we "bing & decide," as the tagline suggests, neither of those places are mentioned (perhaps because as anyone who lives here can tell you, comparing the hi-dive and Beta is like comparing apples and astronauts). The top item in our search, as you can see from the screen shot below, is a link to a Latest Word blog post about this fishwrap's Best of Denver Winners from...wait for it ...1995.

(In all fairness, the same search entered on the other ballyhooed search engine didn't render results that were any more helpful.)