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Jessica Simpson + Billy Corgan + Songmaking = Depressing

It has been rumored that Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan are dating , but we thought they'd at least have the decency to spare the public the fruits of their love. Then we remembered who we were talking about and suddenly the idea that they would record music together seemed like the next logical punchline to the living joke they've both become.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman doesn't actually sing on the song, which would be a wise career move if there was anything left to save. He did help write it, however, and you can listen after the jump if you're feeling masochistic.

Jessica Simpson has another reality TV series for some reason "The Price of Beauty," and the joint venture in question is the show's theme song. It's called "Who We Are," which you may recognize as also the title of both an album and song by Lifehouse. Yeesh.

Jessica showed up on Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday to premier the song and talk about how Billy is "so kind," and that she can't find "good enough words to speak about him." Insert illiteracy joke here.

Because we think it's important to properly appreciate the absurdity of this whole thing, we feel a step back is necessary. So, what do you get when you take this:

And add it to this:

As it turns out, you get this:

Man, if you'd told 2000 us that this would be happening in ten years ... we'd have started building a bomb shelter and stocking up on ramen.