Five Reasons to love Scissor Sisters, even if you aren't a gay man

Once upon a time, pop music -- like the rest of American popular culture -- was in closet. From Liberace and his floor-length furs to George Michael's dangly earrings, gay men were marketed as female conquests. Thankfully minds and attitudes have (for the most part) evolved, and a band like Scissor Sisters (due at the Ogden Theatre on Monday, September 6 with Sammy Jo and Casey Spooner) can be presented exactly as they are: Gay men (and one miss Ana Matronic) who make great music. But the Sisters, like many other "out" bands, make great music for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. Here, we have compiled a list of reasons why you, too, should love this band, even if you aren't a queen.

05. Everyone loves a good sing-along.

Scissor Sisters make songs for singing. Whether you're singing "Filthy Gorgeous" in the shower, in your car, or at some shitty karaoke bar in a strip mall, throwing yourself into an imitation of Jake Shears' Barry Gibb-inspired falsetto is freeing. There is something about trying to make our voices do things they don't normally do that provides instant gratification--plus, everyone has a diva move or two that is only seen by the bathroom mirror. So flex your biceps, pout your lips, and think of the Scissor Sisters' three album discography as an extended version of the Grease soundtrack. Remember how much you secretly loved "Grease Lighting"?

04. A ticket to a Scissor Sisters' show is cheaper than seeing Elton John.

Sure, the Sisters are no where near the same caliber of musicians (not many performers have sold 69 million albums to date) as Sir Elton John, but he did co-write "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" and told the band to scrap its third album and start completely over, to which they complied. So, while you may not have the money to spend on a ticket to see the Rocket Man, you can catch Scissor Sisters doing what they do best for a whole lot cheaper. And if you're lucky, they might just throw in a "Benny and the Jets" cover.

03. The Scissor Sisters are fun!

Like a trip to the gay bar, Scissor Sisters present a whole new world to the straight population -- a world where adults can talk about tits and tweekers and keep a serious face. If you needed an excuse outside of Halloween to wear fur and feathers, a Scissor Sisters' show is the perfect opportunity. And much like your token gay friend, they won't tell everyone how much you love dancing and singing into your hairbrush/beer bottle microphone like the diva you are.

02. Scissor Sisters' put on a real, old-fashioned live show

Who doesn't appreciate a band that not only plays songs you can sing along to, but has multiple costume changes and set full of talking fruit? Like Sesame Street Live! on poppers, Scissor Sisters roll out the red glitter carpet with boas and plastic pants, and something else pop music is often missing -- a sense of humor.

01. The British love them

The UK's understanding of kitchiness far exceeds what America allows itself to enjoy, so it makes sense that the Scissor Sisters' are bigger in Britain. Even our own pop stars -- okay, maybe just Madonna -- have defected to the country where Benny Hill was once considered family-friendly television, and Lilly Allen is treated as a human, not a blow-up doll. So, while American tabloids are focused on Heidi Montag's two-dozen plastic surgeries and Britney Spears' latest meltdown, that country that gave us Queen and the Spice Girls is busy enjoying our exports, like Jake Shear's blue sequined suits and Del Marquis' handsomely high-wasted pants. Not to mention their pleasant demeanors.