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3OH!3 on Leno tonight (not last night) and in Sims 3 Late Night expansion Trailer (now)

Okay, so apparently we need to buy a 2010 calendar or something. In an effort to be all proactive and whatnot yesterday, we updated our recent 3OH!3/Walmart blog item, alerting you to the fact that the act would be on Leno last night. Uh, yeah, check that, dudes are actually slated to perform on the Tonight Show, well, tonight. Our bad. Set your DVRs to stun.

In the meantime, check out this trailer for the Sims 3 Late Night expansion featuring "Double Vision" by 3OH!3. We don't know how the song fits into the equation exactly other than the fact that this expansion is an upgrade for the Sims social lives. From what we gather, they can now "experience late night fun as a VIP," whatever the hell that means.