A first look at "Hooliganry," the brand new video from Catch Lungs and One Be Lo

Catch Lungs is doing his thing with the video release for "Hooliganry, directed by Vital Films and featuring One Be Lo. The track is a single from Catch's EP, Awake in a Dream, and finds both MCs getting lyrically descriptive with the ways they keep it "hooligan." One Be Lo opens this joint and the green screen is in full effect. Check it out below.

The clip opens up with cartoonish effects, with One Be Lo spitting his verse with a serious demeanor; he seems much more in his element amidst the shots of Denver's skyline. Catch Lungs takes hold of the sibling-like chemistry with One Be Lo and raps alongside him with charming vigor. Marijuana references, scantily clad ladies wearing bullets as accessories, and solid rapping from both MCs abound in the clip. "Hooliganry" is all about doing you, evidently, and doing it well.