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Stevie Wonder at Outside Lands: San Francisco gets life lessons from the School of Wonder

Christopher Victorio
Stevie Wonder at Outside Lands.

The following is a dispatch from Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, from our sister paper, SF Weekly.

Stevie Wonder, in theory, is an American artistic treasure. He's more than our Beatles or Rolling Stones; he's our Dickens or Dalí: a figure of impassable recognition, discussion, talent, love and national pride. In theory.

In practice, however, Stevie Wonder is an experience.

Less than three minutes after Stevie Wonder takes the main stage on the final night of San Francisco's Outside Lands festival, keytar in hand and that beaming, always-loving smile of his worn proudly, he decides that it's time for the first singalong of the night. It was one of many. Where other musicians would wait for the middle of their set to lead the crowd in singing, when the School of Wonder is in session (as he calls it), you're not allowed to simply watch.

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