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Ben Folds and the CU Buffoons

If you love a cappella versions of funny, smart-guy piano tunes (and really, who doesn't?), the world is smiling on you today. Ben Folds is releasing an album of covers of his tunes by college a capella groups -- I know, what took so long, right? It's due to hit in April and proceeds from the disc will go to the Save the Music Foundation, to support music education. It features groups from around the nation, including the CU Buffoons, the University of Colorado's oldest a cappella group. The group landed the honor after Misha Levental, now musical director of the group, put together an arrangement of the song "Landed" in 2007. It made it on to a disc titled A Night at the Zoo, released that same year -- and, more importantly, on to YouTube where Folds found it, and subsequently contacted the outfit. After the jump you'll find a concert video of the group performing "Landed."