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Now that's what you call a metal shirt. Nice work, Havok.

File under: SUH-WEET! Referring, of course, to the new Havok T-shirts. Have you seen them? We repeat: SUH-FRICKIN'-WEET!

Assuming these bad boys come in double extra fat guy ... checking ... ahem, this just in, they do! ... we're going to ... doo-dee-doo, click, click, click ... order this one here, which has evidently been dubbed "Poseidon," for obvious reasons. Oh, and we'll take the other one after the jump, too. Have a look. It's the one listed on Havok's Third Degree Merch page as "Faceripper." Uh-huh. Pretty badass, eh? Kinda reminds you of Pushead, doesn't it?

Good to see that it's not just the sound of Havok that evokes the glory days of metal, you know, that shining time of our youth when we all used to Ride the Lightning and whatnot, but also the look and feel. Nice work, dudes.