Denver Rock Atlas: Tulagi

Our Denver Rock Atlas feature is precisely what it sounds like: A compendium of storied Denver venues, past and present, in which we pick a place and share our favorite memories of the joint. After you read our memories, please feel free to share some of your own. This time we're venturing away from Denver a little and up to Boulder. The reason? Well, we've got a story that we're pretty sure no other venue could possibly ever even come close to topping.

The show consisted of Darkest Hour, Curl Up and Die and Taken. It was 2003, right in the midst of the TV show Jackass, and at the time it seemed that nobody in the universe was following the shows opening warning advising against re-enacting the idiocy depicted on the show.

Now to be fair, none of the following events happened at Tulagi's -- they all happened at some frat house after the Darkest Hour show. What happened was the stuff teenage wet-dreams are made of: violence, money, sex and all types of defecation.

You see, someone was following the band around and filming fans doing stuff -- or that's what they were telling people, anyway. With cash in hand, they were paying people to urinate on each other, flash their boobs to the camera, cut themselves, er, soil themselves, and just anything else you could think of.

We have no idea if this was ever released on DVD, or VHS or on the Internet -- in fact, we have no idea if there was any truth to the fact that anything was even being recorded. They had waivers for people to sign, but they also had lots of booze: Think Girls Gone Wild, but with dudes. All we know is that some wacky things happened after that show. If anyone has any more details about this, let us know.

Of course, if that's not enough, there was also the time the Buffs won some big game and Boulder rioted in response. Now, that's not interesting in and of itself; however, Tulagi was hosting Converge that night, and the tear gas was sucked into the venue, drenching the place and all the skinny white hardcore kids inside. Crying hardcore kids listening to Converge -- a sight to behold.