If you missed getting a physical copy of SAUNA's The Teen Angst Tape, it's now available digitally

If you've had a bit of an itch for SAUNA's cassette tape that was released in June but never bothered to pick up a physical copy, we've got good news for you: It's available for free or name-your-price right now. With the weather starting to get a little chilly, this release is filled with enough summer grooves to warm you up for a while.

If we had to peg a certain sound to this four-song EP, we'd probably say something like Black Tambourine meets the Vaselines with a touch of surf, like a lot of garage-pop these days. That's not a bad thing, because for all the chances SAUNA gives itself to sound like anything else, it would rather just sit back and play songs in earnest.

This notion is no more evident than on the track "Girl Like You," which sounds exactly like what you imagine bored teenagers sound like. The youthful abandon is a little more blatant on the album's opener, "Glitter Party," which sounds like the type of booze-pushing anthem that would make the B-52's smile. It's all in good fun, and The Teen Angst Tape does a good job of capturing the energy of the band while still letting them sound off-kilter and loose.