Music App Roundup: Yesterday USA, We Are Hunted, MiniMash, Bandcamper, Venntunes

So, you own this fancy new smartphone, but you have no idea what you're doing with it. You've been playing Angry Birds every day, but you've otherwise been wondering what this tiny pocket computer could possibly do. Well, a lot actually, which is why we dig up some of the best music related apps and show them off here each week. This time around, we have new ways to listen to old-time radio, compare music with friends, listen to Bandcamp and more. 5. Yesterday USA (iOS) Maybe you've got a new smartphone, but that doesn't mean you're not clinging to times past. If you're wishing you could return to an easier era, say, the '20s through the '50s, Yesterday USA is for you. It's a collection of old time broadcasts and radio shows, both of the musical and the radio play variety. 4. We Are Hunted (Android) We Are Hunted is all about social media tracking. It searches through the blogs and finds the most buzzed-about bands at the moment. Sure, it's a little silly to use metrics and magical algorithms to find a worthwhile band, but if you're looking for something fresh and new, We Are Hunted does the work for you. 3. MiniMash (iOS) There are a ton of different DJ apps for iOS, but MiniMash makes mashing songs together easier than most. If you've ever fanciest yourself as good at picking songs as Girl Talk, now's your chance to prove it to the world. Once you create your own hot new beat, you can upload it straight to Soundcloud to share with friends. It does most of the work for you too, so even if you're tone deaf, you'll still have a ball. 2. Bandcamper (iOS) This one is pretty simple, it's a streaming service for Bandcamp. It works amazingly well and is incredibly easy to use. It also works with all the iPhone's normal iPod functions, with play, pause and usage functions. If you love digging through Bandcamp, this is a must have app for iOS. It's free too, which makes it all the more appealing. 1. Venntunes (iOS) If you've ever found yourself getting drunk with friends and one-upping each other about music, Venntunes lets you answer the timeless question of who has better taste. Bump your phones together with Ventunes open and it'll compare your libraries and show everything you have in common. It might work if you've just met someone at the bar and you're curious about their taste as well.