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Have you heard about 3OH!3's House Party? You have now.

This just in: In case you haven't heard, 3OH!3 is having a house party tonight. In their house, apparently. Word has it, they intend to pour booze down their mouth. There's also talk that they may, perhaps, if the mood strikes them, stay up until the wee hours of the a.m. Either way, near as we can tell, they're most definitely staying in.

"Fuck the clubs," the duo declares in the clip above. "Everybody say fuck the DJs, if they ain't playing my shit!" Okay, fair enough. FUCK THE DJS! FUCK THE CLUBS! Although, ironically, this unabashed ode to being a homebody (or anthem/song/video/seizure-inducing infomercial, if you prefer) is as mindless and whimsical as Lil Jon's entire catalog -- which means, of course, it would probably set the club on fire.