Download new album from the Motet free

Boulder-based jazz/afrobeat/electronic (and it's no coincidence that those initials almost spell "jam") outfit the Motet are releasing their new album Dig Deep for free. The impetus behind this altruistic act is simple, according to drummer/bandleader Dave Watts: no one is buying records anymore, so you may as well give them away. "I think we have entered a new era with recording and releasing music. I believe this is going to be the new paradigm for most bands, perhaps indefinitely," he says. "There is nothing worse than slaving over the recording of an album for months and months just to see it sit on the shelves getting dusty."

The flip side of that economic equation is that recording music is cheaper than it has ever been before, and a professional-sounding recording is possible with just a few hundred dollars worth of equipment. "I pretty much made the whole thing on my laptop in my living room, something which would have been impossible just a few years ago, so it did not cost us anything," Watts explains. "Because of this, we are not in debt and are not pressured to sell discs to pay it back."

And while those basic realities are the same for all bands these days, regardless of genre, the Motet are a band renowned for their live performances, both of their own material and in tribute shows such as the Michael Jackson tribute July 25 and the Talking Heads tribute July 31, both at Cervantes'. This leaves them exceptionally well-positioned to take advantage of the circumstances they find themselves in. "The reality is that we can make more money in ticket sales from one show than we can make in a month of CD sales," Watts states. "The long short of all of this is that we are experiencing a major shift in the record/music industry and this is just another aspect of that. I can guarantee you that in the near future the music business will look like something previous generations would never have thought possible. This, by the way, will be a very good thing..."

Download Dig Deep by the Motet at the band's page on Reverb Nation