Listen to the new Hunter Dragon album now

Tomorrow will mark the official release of Hunter Dragon's CD, Weight & Measure at the hi-dive, but since we're not too keen on waiting for anything, we decided we'd share our impatience with you. With the help of Bocumast Records, we're offering up the entire album preview. You can check out Hunter Dragon's album in streaming goodness after the jump, and be sure to pick up your copy tomorrow evening.

Hunter Dragon "Weight & Measure"

Weight & Measure isn't your typical record. As you'll assuredly notice right from the get-go, it's a strange combination blissed-out soundscapes and aural pleasures. It's the type of record that can take over your senses as easily as it can blend into the background.

Filled with instruments and effects to a point of near overload, Weight & Measure teeters a bit, rocking gently back and forth between chaos and melody while Hunter borrows lyrics from the universe for a short time, giving them back slowly through reverb-drenched lines that could serve as a soundtrack to a black hole.

The album ends with the quirky "Happy Half Birthday," a mixed-drudge of a track that leaves the listener with a sense they've heard something truly unusual and strange. The album functions as a journey through Hunter's brain -- a journey worth taking certainly, as it'll leave you with a sense of both the magical and the foreboding.

Be sure to check out Hunter Dragon's release of Weight & Measure at the hi-dive tomorrow, April 20th with guests Astrophagus, Pictureplane, and Tommy Metz.