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Melissa Auf der Maur taps members of VAUX to back her on tour

Update: Video from Montreal show posted after the jump.

Melissa Auf der Maur, Hole's onetime bassist, has tapped Adam Tymn, Chris Sorensen and Joe McChan, three-sixths of the almighty, dearly departed VAUX, to back her on a series of upcoming dates. The guys are currently holed up in Hudson, New York, where they've spent the past week rehearsing for the gigs, which will commence with a show tomorrow night in Hudson and a gig in Montreal on Saturday night, followed by a number of dates in Amsterdam, Gothenberg, Helsinki and Oslo during the week of Thanksgiving.

Although the players have remained active -- after the split, Tymn focused his efforts on Ride the Boogie, while Sorenson has been working on songs with his new band, Motorways, which also includes former VAUX bandmate Greg Daniel and Sebastian Hacket, and McChan has been pursuing fine art in Seattle -- the Auf der Maur project essentially marks the first time the guys have played together since VAUX disbanded in July of 2007.

Auf der Maur, who met the guys on the Warped tour in 2003 and subsequently became a fan and then friend of the band, reportedly has an entire album's worth of material that she's planning on releasing next year, with the support of Tymn, Sorenson and McCahn, who will be joining her for targeted tour dates.

Update: Here's the videos we mentioned from Melissa Auf der Maur's first show in Montreal. Our French is rusty as hell, so we don't know exactly what she's is saying during the first part of the intro, other than something about a perfect "trinity," referring to the combination of the conceptual, the musical and "three men from the mountains," referring to Tymn, Sorenson and McChan. -- Dave Herrera

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