Outgoing Local Shakedown host Amy Moore-Shipley on how to improve Denver's scene

Amy Moore-Shipley was the host of Radio 1190's Local Shakedown program from January 2012 through April 2014, but she's been in Colorado music a lot longer than that. She came to Colorado from her home state of Iowa as a music major at UNC before transferring to CU in Boulder. She had been raised on classical and jazz and was not necessarily the most knowledgeable person about popular music, but she got a job at Albums on the Hill and with it a crash course on multiple genres and styles of music. She became a DJ at 1190 and was quickly approached by the then program director Hannah Warner about filling the Local Shakedown slot vacated by Tiffanie Taylor. From there, Moore-Shipley was at the helm for a period where the show added an eclectic but carefully curated variety to its offerings as well as more in studio performances and compilations.

Moore-Shipley has become a fixture in the Denver music community. Her confident on-air personality continued the program's strong tradition of hosts. A few weeks after she handed the reins over to Bree Davies (who is also a Westword contributor), we spoke with her about her tie on the show, what bands struck `her as the most interesting and impressive, how the local scene could be improved and her future plans.