Flier of the Week: Paper Bird at the Boulder Theatre

It's not always artful images or striking use of typography that catches our eye for a flier of the week. No, sometimes it's just something simple, comforting and downright inviting -- something like this grade-school arts-and-crafts flier for Paper Bird's upcoming date at the Boulder Theatre this Friday, October 2. Crayon on construction paper is not a medium that's widely explored in the design world, but sometimes it's just the right thing to do. It wouldn't work for all bands -- we can hardly imagine it working to hype Iuengliss's sci-fi lullabies, for example -- but it definitely clicks with Paper Bird's bright-eyed, soulful Americana. It's like something one of their nieces might concoct and give to them to hang on their refrigerator. Only, instead of hanging up with a magnet, they've used it to advertise a show. Very nice, PB, very nice indeed. Click on it for a slightly larger version.