Fresh local hip-hop from Mr. Midas, Yonnas Abraham and Spoke In Wordz, and Rockie

The rap that's out this week is all over the place, in the clubs, perched on precariously high ledges and, as always, in the motherfucking streets, son. Mr. Midas puts moving pictures to his song "Tender Kisses" for a video that will definitely require tissues, while Spoke In Wordz gets live on a remix of Yonnas Abraham's "Hard" and Davey Boy and Rockie turn out a club banger with "Don't Stop."

As an ode to the grandmother who raised him, Mr. Midas gets eloquent and reflective from a up high in the Golden Triangle for this Chris Quick directed joint. Perched on a ledge many, many stories up and rocking a Los Angeles cap, Midas is gets as close to a Tupac reminiscent "Dear Mama" moment as we can expect on "Tender Kisses." Check for clips of his real grandmother, along with a feature from his sister, Ruckus.

Spoke In Wordz goes in on this remix of "Hard," a track from Abraham's eagerly anticipated solo debut, The Sextape. Clinging to the beat like no other, Spoke adds an additional verse and gets in where he fits in on this Yonnas-produced joint. Spoke's version appears on his forthcoming release, Beautiful Dead, while the original track from Abraham drops next week. The cut is hot -- like melt your speakers hot.

Davey Boy is a production wiz when it comes to crafting original beats and sounds and matching them with whatever rapper he happens to be working with. Such is the case with "Don't Stop," the latest joint from Rockie. The rapper gets a little grown and loose over this head thumping strip club approved joint.

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