Meet Seetwist, a former musician capturing the urban art and artists of Denver

Ansel Adams, famous for capturing a multitude of black-and-white landscape photographs -- many of which likely adorn the walls of your dentist's office -- once said, "You don't take a photograph. You make it."

Seetwist Productions lives, breathes, shoots and essentially embodies those words by profiling some of the most prominent street artists in Colorado. You may have even seen his work and probably didn't even realize it. Millions of people have seen Seetwist's video on Cartoon Network for Children's Hospital, a new show on Adult Swim, which features Guerilla Garden.

The mastermind behind the camera is Eric Seetwist, a former musician, current train-yard sightseer and founder of Seetwist Productions. The focal point of Seetwist's creative endeavors is to capture both art and artists within their respective environments and to keep the most sacred parts of urban art true to its colors while showcasing its soul, passion and voice.