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Chain Gang of 1974 on World Cafe

While Kamtin Mohager started performing under the moniker of Chain Gang of 1974 in Denver about five years ago, he's been living in Los Angeles for close to a year now. As he tells David Dye in a recent interview with World Cafe, "I was just never a big fan of Denver. I moved out there as a young kid, and after everything started happening with the record and getting it done -- and I ended up recording half of the record in L.A. -- it was kind of just a conscious decision to get out there and give myself something new."

Mohager talks about his new album Wayward Fire, which includes five songs from his previous effort, White Guts, how the project has gone through many different life forms over the past five years, and how bands like Tears for Fears, Talk Talk, Psychedelic Furs and early-'90s shoegaze bands influenced him early on.

Sample cuts from Wayward Fire and download the song "Hold On" on the Chain Gang of 1974 website.