Music News

MIA Out of Context and Other Assorted Goodies

Here's a selection of the best of last week's music blogging from around the Village Voice media empire:

Music, context and a dictatorial personality in a diminutive frame: A live review of MIA in San Francisco.

What is the sound of one head banging? The tale of a punk who met the Buddha, and what happens when hardcore finds enlightenment.

A hilarious review of the movie premiere party for rapper Mike Jones’s American Dream and the outsized personalities in attendance.

A live review of King Khan & BBQ: Looks like Liza Minelli on speed and steroids, sounds like the Beach Boys flying on bathtub meth.

Christian hair-metal outfit Stryper are still around? And now they’re trying to revolutionize the music business? Good luck with that.

The strange tale of Sterling Witt, who receives a bad review and stages a protest outside the offices of his tormentors. There’s video. And after watching it, I can safely say any criticism leveled his way is well deserved, and likely far too kind.

Drinking too much and blacking out/vomiting at shows is passé. Taking too much acid and losing your shit is the new rite of passage, as these reminiscences show.

The Blood Brothers broke up, spurring this writer to eulogize them in a sort of quasi band obituary.

Philosophizing about the meaning of Bob Dylan at a tribute show in honor of the biopic I’m Not There.

A look at the contents of Everett True’s desktop triggers a fascinating, brief essay/rant on the Happy Mondays. -- Cory Casciato