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MTV Made episode captures quest to become a go-go dancer at Global Dance Festival 2012

If you're reading this right now, you're probably at work (if so, hang in there. It's almost Friday) and this little tidbit of information isn't going to do you much good -- well, unless you have a Slingbox or that fancypants doohickey that lets you can control your DVR remotely on your phone. Nonetheless, we thought it was worth passing along: This afternoon at 3 p.m., MTV is slated to air an episode of Made focusing on Shambra Lund, documenting her efforts to become a go-go dancer at this past summer's Global Dance Festival.

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Beta resident DJ Ecotek has some music in the show and Red Rocks serves as the backdrop. The network apparently has a pronounced love affair with our city. Earlier this summer, MTV returned to the Mile High City for yet another episode, this one featuring Aly Mustain and her efforts to get her roller derby on via the Denver Roller Dolls. After two and a half years of college, Aly evidently felt like her life needed to take a different direction, and that change came in the form of roller derby.