Never can say goodbye: Five acts who can say retired, but just can't seem to stay retired

With the regular football season getting ready to kick off, Brett Favre has once again pulled a fast one and decided to return for one more season. Sure, he can say retired; he just can't seem to stay retired. And he's not alone.

In the music world, every year it seems like one artist or another is claiming to be calling it a day, only to inevitably return at some point down the line.

Perhaps realizing the futility of making such premature pronouncements, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy has wisely amended an earlier assertion that he might be done making music under that name.

A few other acts, however, haven't been nearly as judicious and have actually stuck around long enough to wear out their welcome. Multiple times. Here's five acts who just can't seem to say goodbye.

5. Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks used the age-old line to announce his retirement, saying he wanted to "spend more time with his family." It seems like a cop-out to us, but what do we know? It took nine years for Brooks to come out of retirement, and he's still not operating at full force. That said, he's doing shows in Vegas often enough to give him the sniff of success, so it seems inevitable he'll come back for real at some point. We can only hope we'll see "Thunder Rolls II" sometime soon.

4. Eminem

Eminem didn't exactly retire in the traditional sense. He went on hiatus, he didn't make new music for a while, he repeatedly denied he was retired and then suddenly he reappeared on the scene. It was like a magic trick, except most people didn't really notice he was ever gone.

3. Kiss

Kiss have retired and reunited several times over the years, and each time the band comes back, it's more and more over-the-top. Regardless of what most people and critics say, Kiss continues to sell out shows and continue rocking.

2. Jay-Z

Jay-Z's retirement didn't look much like a retirement to begin with: He was the CEO of Def Jam, he still toured and he was still very much involved with the record industry. Somewhat hilariously, he only managed to stay retired for two years, making his comeback in the equivalent of a normal-person's standard time between record releases.

1. The Eagles

Well then, hell has frozen over, and it has apparently stayed that way for the last sixteen years. Everyone's favorite band to rag on is still touring, and, amazingly, still selling out shows. We can't say we give a damn about whether the Eagles are still playing music -- but it's nice to know they'll probably never go away.