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Prime Element cameos in new People Under the Stairs video shot in Boulder and Fort Collins

A few weeks ago, we joked about Prime Element cats, uh, getting prime exposure with the Dew Tour. But seriously, at this point, the dudes might want to just go ahead and change their name once again to Prime Exposure. In addition to the notice they're sure to attract with the Dew Tour, the crew has a cameo in the new People Under the Stairs video for "BEER," from the act's 2009 album Carried Away.

From what A.V.I.U.S. tells us, the cameo opportunity came about when Thes One called up Es Nine and asked he and the other Prime Element guys to head to Boulder for the first part of the video shoot and then later inivited them up in Fort Collins, where the rest of the footage was shot on location at the Odell Brewing Company.

"We have built a relationship with them," A.V.I.U.S. explains. "When they are here, we hang out with them. Es-Nine goes diggin with them, etc. When we are in L.A. we get their hospitality. We have built good relationships with People Under the Stairs, Dilated Peoples and a lot of the L.A. cats."

While Cysko Rokwell was otherwise indisposed at a wedding that day and only made it in a few frames, which didn't end up making the final cut, if you look close in the brewery scenes, you'll spot his co-horts, A.V.I.U.S. and Nine, ambling about, and if you look even closer during the party scenes, you'll spy the latter sporting a Three the Hardway hoody.