Nathan & Stephen to reconvene next Tuesday at the hi-dive

At one of his shows recently, Dan Craig invited his old Hearts of Palm/Nathan & Stephen bandmate Nathan McGarvey onstage for an acoustic rendition of "Happier." McGarvey's better half, the lovely and talented Emily DeRousse was there and happened the captured the moment on film. She shared the footage with us (see it for yourself after the jump), and we were of course delighted to see the two lads back together, even if only for a song. The clip reminded us how much we loved the pair's dearly departed band and how much we miss seeing them around.

Even though the act hasn't been gone all that terribly long, we've held out hope that the members would eventually treat us to another reunion (the group disbanded in 2008, but got back together this past November for a pair of farewell shows). And while we're not sure if that's indeed what's happening at the hi-dive on Tuesday, July 13 (the outfit is being billed as Nathan and Stephen, its previous moniker), we were thrilled to learn that some variation of the band is slated to perform at the hi-dive next week in the company of friends Consider the Raven and Jessica Sonner, who are all getting together to help see off their mutual friends Paul and Heidi Croft.