Snag a set of Force Publique demos for free

Before you head out to see Force Publique at the Westword Music Showcase this Saturday, the band has been generous enough to compile its nine, somewhat randomly recorded tracks into one easy-to-download free album. We were rather impressed with what we heard a few months back, but if you've been itching to hear the scattered demos and singles in one place, here's your chance.

While none of this material is new, it's the first time these tracks have been collected together into a somewhat cohesive whole. They were recorded throughout 2010, and the band is obviously playing with a few different ideas -- even if the majority of them are rooted in the dark new wave and electro that were clearly an inspiration. The Faint (and everyone who inspired that band) certainly comes to mind, but hearing these tracks in succession suggests that a bit more diversity might come to the surface when Force Publique eventually records its first full-length.

It seems that with the release of The Rapture's newest single and announcement of a new album, the new-wave-dance-pop-dark-electro thing is getting in the groove of yet another revival. If that turns out to be the case, Force Publique is in a good spot to provide that exact sound, especially if this demo collection is any indication of what's next.

Each of the nine tracks come with its own corresponding cover -- you know, like a collection of singles. There's also a PDF complete with liner notes and lyrics. Basically, it's a well-thought-out little package, especially considering it's just a demo collection.