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A challenging remix: Tommy Metz takes on Gonjasufi, while Joman takes on Deadmau5

Tommy Metz, the talented maestro behind Iuengliss and one half of the intriguing Yawn Tron duo, has entered into a remix competition sponsored by Warp Records, in which Metz is being pitted against other would-be remixers from around the country.

For his part, Metz has remixed a song by Gonjasufi called "Candylane," using samples from a Yawn Tron sample kit that he and Shane Zweygardt have put together and are preparing to release. If Metz wins, he'll become the proud owner of a signed and framed Gonjasufi art print -- but more than that, hopefully, he'll attract the attention of Warp, an imprint in which his music would justifiably be right at home. Listen to Metz's remix, and if you like what you hear, cast a vote on his behalf. No need to register or provide any of your personal information.

Joman, meanwhile, another local burgeoning electronic artist, has also entered into a remix competition, this one sponsored by Beatport. His task: remixing a track by Deadmau5 for a shot at opening for the massively popular Canadian producer, who was just in Denver last week. Listen to Joman's remix on Beatport and register a vote for him if it strikes you. Voting begins today and runs through the end of the month. [via 303]