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Woodsman and Gauntlet Hair embark on West Coast tour

Woodsman and Gauntlet Hair have joined psychedelic forces for a two-week West Coast tour, starting November 5. While the former act has already made a few trips to the closest coast, aligning with its fellow ambient wave-crashers in Gauntlet Hair will offer a nice taste of what Colorado has been up to lately.

Rhinoceropolis mainstays, Gauntlet Hair seems forever connected to friend and hype conduit Pictureplane, but the duo -- which was once stuck with "worst band name of the week" by a Pitchfork reviewer -- has built up plenty if its own self-made steam as of late.

The tour will give the band a good platform to promote its new track, "Out, Don't...", which debuted last week via Pitchfork's baby, Altered Zones, released in digital and 7-inch form on Brooklyn label Mexican Summer. For tour dates (and breasts), enjoy this promotional video, made by Woodsman.