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Rabbit Is a Sphere offers more free music. For free!

The nearly departed Rabbit Is a Sphere -- we say nearly, because although by all appearances the outfit has disbanded, the members prefer to say they're on hiatus rather than putting a finer point on it than saying its over -- has made yet more of its music available. As if making its entire catalog available for free download was not enough, the band has posted a live set that was recorded at the Walnut Room. As we understand, the recording was taken straight from the board and contains several songs which were never recorded otherwise. And wait, there's more: Rabbit Is a Sphere has also posted all of its lyrics. While that might seem rather insignificant, it's a meaningful gesture on the band's part in terms of offering greater insight into the music. "Our lyrics helped to drive our jumbled aesthetic," the act explains. "And there is no greater way to acquaint yourself with what Rabbit Is a Sphere is all about than to look at one person traveling down a street with a poem turning a corner and running face first into someone carrying a three chord riff. It is detailed in the lyrics."