Ageless wonders: Five musicians who look just as good today as they did yesterday

Musicians have a hard life: Touring, recording, partying -- all these things tend to destroy any semblance of their youngselves by the time they're older. Even so, there have been a few who've somehow managed to come out on top. Maybe it's plastic surgery, maybe it's something else entirely, but here's five artists who we'd like to get lifestyle secrets from because they don't look much different than they did when they broke onto the scene. 5. Chris Isaak
He's aged a little bit over the last couple of years, but for about a decade he never changed his appearance. His slick backed CGI hair hasn't changed, either, which leads us to believe that perhaps hair gel holds some time of life revitalizing secret.

4. Reba McEntire

She's been through about a hundred different wacky hairstyles, but, by and large, Reba has looked the same. Even her makeup hasn't really changed very much. All these things combine to make us believe she is actually an alien from outer space, perhaps from the planet Xenu. Or maybe Reba is secretly a Scientologist, and after her planet of people who live until they're two hundred years old became over-populated, she moved to Earth.

3. Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has the strangest hair of any celebrity. That's part of the reason he looks the same as he did twenty years ago -- that weird hair just won't change. He's also still really good at making that subdued, introspective face on the cover of all his albums -- although nowadays, he adds a slight smirk to appeal to the Oprah crowd. Other than the smirk, though, nothing has changed. Not the hair, not the music, not the style.

2. Bruce Springsteen

The Boss has a few wrinkles to show for his age, but, by and large, he's about the same blue-collar boy he was twenty years ago. Maybe it's the fact that when he was young, he always looked a bit older, so now that he's older, the times have simply caught up to him. The hidden benefit of looking haggard when you're only 25, we suppose.

1. Prince

We have no explanation of how the hell Prince has stayed the exact same for the last twenty some odd years. He literally hasn't changed his image at all. Sometimes he'll add some side-burns, but overall, he is identical to the day he released his first record. Does he sleep in some type of bio-chamber, filled with essential oils and crazy herbal remedies? Does he have a massage every day and only eat fruit? Maybe if he didn't despise the internet so much we could email him and ask, but as it stands, we'll never know.