Freeloader: Sneak peek of M. Pyres new album

Fort Collins-based indie rock maestros M. Pyres just completed work on a brand new album titled Apart the Echo, which is out now on the band's label, Patient Sounds, and will be officially released locally sometime within next month. We got our hands on a track from the new record, which the outfit recorded straight up old school low-fi styley on a boombox, four-track and eight-track tape recorders, 1/4" tape and a digital eight-track, in various bedrooms and bathrooms at three different houses. "We wanted to make a varied collection of songs to tie together like a broken lost radio transmission," says Matthew Sage, "or a mysterious and fractured mix tape for the past time period in your life." Download "Citrus Pome" below.

MP3: "Citrus Pome," M.Pyres