Win a pair of tickets to see the Foo Fighters at the Pepsi Center in AEG's coloring contest!

When the Foo Fighters pull into the Pepsi Center on Sunday, they're expecting Mexican food -- and "not just chips, salsa and some microwave burritos." The dudes are from SoCal, and apparently consider themselves connoisseurs, so the production crew is well advised to be on their toes. So warns the band's guffaw-inducing, positively ridamndiculous, 52-page tour rider.

If you haven't seen it yet, TheSmokingGun does a tremendous job of highlighting the finer points of the doc, which includes detailed instructions on catering, as well as some fabo cartoon illustrations. To that end, the fine folks at AEG have issued a challenge on their Facebook page in return for two tickets: Print out the 'toons, color them in and post your handwork on their wall.

A choice snippet from the section titled "Daily Menu Suggestions":

Print it, color it, and post it on AEG's wall:

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Option #4

Option #5