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Fly Magazine gives local hip-hop a good look

On Fire. That's the headline of the latest issue of Fly magazine touting homegrown hip-hop. As you can see from the esteemed cats assembled on the dual covers (Rockie, Adam Duncan and Whygee on one, and Gamer Life and Black Pegasus on the other -- see that one after the jump), really, the only missing thing missing is a big fat exclamation point. We haven't had a chance to read the issue yet, but if the covers give any indication, it's a good look for local hip-hop. (Pick up a copy tomorrow night at the release party at the Twisted Olive.)

Maybe our senses are little clouded with excitement right now, what with all the movement in the scene lately. Or maybe we're just hyped from getting to be a fly-on-the-wall as SP and F.O.E. did their thing in the studio yesterday. Or maybe it's just the impending Soulz of the Rockies premiere tonight or The Mighty 4 Denver summit tomorrow. Don't know what it is exactly, but doesn't it feel like something big is happening here right now, sort of the same way it felt when the rock scene finally broke through a few years back?