Mr. Midas gives a sneak peek of his upcoming Flight Risk mixtape, due on Memorial Day

Still riding high off the success of his full-length album, Son of the Crack Era, Mr. Midas is gearing up for a Memorial Day release of his latest project, a mixtape titled Flight Risk. Conceptually, he says, the mixtape is an extension of his debut, while others open doors to a different theme entirely.

"At first, when I had the idea, I had a different interpretation of what a flight risk was," Midas explains. "To me, I thought it was someone that once you get them on a plane, they're a risk to the safety of themselves and everyone else on the plane."

After doing a bit more research into the concept, and culling several stories that detailed the true definition of flight risk -- a leading factor in whether or not a judge will grant bond to a defendant who is likely to flee from justice -- Midas flipped the concept entirely.

"Now that I'm clearer on what it means," he says, "it does feel like, by coming out with new projects and so much music, that I'm jumping town. If it feels like they really don't wanna give me a show where I am, I'll jump town. It's a compilation of songs that I've done with a lot of different people who fit the concept."

More than a few tracks on Flight Risk were slated for Son of the Crack Era, but for various reasons ended up on the cutting-room floor. Their inclusion on Flight Risk gives Midas a chance to release songs that weren't necessarily meant to see the light of day. "I do a lot of songs with quite a lot of people, and some of them don't ever see a release," he explains. "So what I'm doing is taking all of those kinds of songs and making them into this one."