See Best Coast, Tennis and Group Love for free at Chipotle's Cultivate Festival in Denver

How about a little Best Coast on your burrito with a side of Tennis? While this sounds more like a dish (See what we did there? Uh-huh, clever us) suited more for summer than fall, props are nonetheless due to the talent coordinators at Chipotle's Cultivate festival, who put together a rather decent bill. Slated to take place on Saturday, October 6, at City Park, Cultivate will feature free performances by Best Coast, Tennis, Group Love and Zach Heckendorf, along with microbrew sampling and a whole bunch more.

The fest is free, and if you're willing to stop by four or five "experience tents," where the restaurateur will regale you with farming facts, among other things, you'll have the chance to get hooked up with coupons for free food. This is the fest's first time in Denver; the inaugural event took place last fall in Chicago and reportedly drew 15,000 people. There will also purportedly be a bunch of chefs on hand, a list of names that are completely lost on us simpletons but might make our Cafe Society cronies skip a beat.