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Meet Sancho and Benito: The Knew Mile High mascots of Ozomatli and Weezer

Little did the guys from the Knew know when they picked up a trio of pinatas on Federal this past Friday for their show at the Mile High Music Festival this past weekend that they'd be such a hit. In anticipation of their early afternoon set on the Bison Stage, the boys stuffed their pinata bros with assorted merch and then tossed them into the crowd during the last few songs.

Later that afternoon, "Sancho," as the one in the clip below has been dubbed, and his brother Benito -- pictured above with Rivers Cuomo -- both made their way onto the stage during Ozomatli and Weezer's set. Near as we can tell, Sancho survived the set and went home in the company of a couple of lovely ladies, while his brother Benito, eh, not so much. After embracing him above, Cuomo reportedly stomped the shit out of hombre and punted him from the stage. No word yet on what became of the pair's little sister, Pineapple.

Update: Tim just sent us a few words on the dearly departed (we presume) Benito:

He got named over lunch at my office with some coworkers of mine after a building maintenance guy who had been inexplicably fired. He just disappeared, and no one would say what happened. He was the most personable and kind, friendly janitor, and everybody loved him. He used to tell me about a mariachi band he sang in, and he was about four feet tall. Anyhow, he'd always ask me about my "rock and roll" and how much I had been playing my guitar. We gave him a copy of Pulperia, and he said it reminded him of Ritchie Valens, which I took that as a compliment.

So, in a philosophical sense, Benito is a reminder to me of friendly hardworking rock and rollers who are out there making the world work but are always being overlooked and stuck in tough places. But these people can still be the best part of everyday -- those smiles you can count on and the support you find from unexpected places.

I live over on West Colfax, so Benito was purchased from an attic on Federal in a quinceanera. He came from Mexico, apparently, as all the newspapers he's built out of seem to indicate.