American Idol: From 25 to the Top 13

After weeks of anticipation, the top thirteen contestants of American Idol were revealed. Last night's episode, however seemingly straightforward, wasn't short of Adele-drenched drama, though.

Spoilers: Jen Hirsh, Reed Grimm and Brielle Von Hugel all had to sing for their lives -- and all fell flat. Von Hugel even had the audacity to sing an Adele song, this time "Someone Like You." Enough Adele already! Four covers in one week is, believe it or not, too much. Sheesh! You'd think Jennifer Lopez would put her heel-wearing foot down by now.

With Hirsh, Grimm and Von Hugel out of the picture, the judges saved three other contestants from elimination. Unlike previous seasons though, these "wild card" contestants were essentially plucked from the Top 24 and sent on; it wasn't a Clay Aiken situation, in which he came out of nowhere as the second season neared an end to win second place, by any means. Quite simply, these three were each sent through regardless of America's vote -- Randy Jackson sent Erika Van Pelt, Lopez sent Jeremy Rosado, and Steven Tyler sent Deandre Brackensick, of all people. An unpredictable mix of wild card contestants indeed.

The Top 10 contestants who were sent on, purely by America's votes -- as Ryan Seacrest made very, very clear when the elimination began -- are:

Hollie Cavanagh Colton Dixon Heejun Han Jermaine Jones (surprisingly!) Skylar Laine Joshua Ledet Shannon Magrane Phillip Phillips Jr. Jessica Sanchez Elise Testone

Notice that those contestants that underwhelmed on Wednesday night are not in the Top 10, nor the Top 13 for that matter. This just goes to show that, despite Idol's dropping numbers this season, those who still watch still know what it takes to be an American Idol, and in the coming weeks, we'll see if voters got it right.

We will say this: if this week's performances were any indication, the final two will be two women: Shannon Magrane and Jessica Sanchez. We'll pulling for Magrane as the favorite, but only the season will tell, and next week's performances look to be especially awkward, as the men will be performing songs from the Stevie Wonder catalogue and the women will be doing Whitney Houston.

We'll let that sink in for a second... yes, the late Whitney Houston. Shameless pull for viewers or odd attempt to honor the legend? You can decide next week. In the meantime, here's hoping Magrane does "How Will I Know."

American Idol airs again next Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Fox 31.

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