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Everything Absent or Distorted members to resurface as the Soft Civil War? Maybe.

How about those Everything Absent or Distorted gents? Don't you just love them? They're as charming and clever as the day is long. We traded emails with the lads this morning, asking if there was any truth to the rumor that's being bandied about that some of the fellas might resurface in a reconfigured version of EAOD called the Soft Civil War. Robert Rutherford would neither confirm nor deny said rumor, but he did say that the dudes still have a rehearsal space and, ahem, plan on using it. You do the math. Read excerpts of his note after the jump.

The fact of the matter is that we eight men of EAOD are bound together like monkeys in a switchblade fight, and we will continue to play music, drink whiskey, share meals, make fun of each others clothes, console and advise, and make dick jokes as often as we can for as long as our bodies will hold us. As we move into the new year, we don't really know much beyond those facts. We don't know what we call what it is we do, if it can even be named, if anything will be recorded or played in front of a live studio audience, who will sing the high part or the low part, whose turn it is to bring beer to the practice space. We really don't know.

We are fumbling around in the miasma, and trying to find comfort in its nebulous embrace. We still have our practice space and we plan on using it.

So, the rumors are true? and false? or made to be big when they are small? or downplayed to relieve the pressure?