"Hey!" by 3OH!3 and Lil Jon: Another new track from Streets of Gold Crunk Rock.?

Mystery solved: You won't find "Hey!" on Streets of Gold, and that's because it's on Lil Jon's new album Crunk Rock, released earlier this week.

All right, so we already told you about 3OH!3 premiering Streets of Gold's first single, "My First Kiss," featuring Ke$ha on Monday. Evidently, if you pre-order the album, evidently, you'll get an MP3 download at midnight. If you order it after that, you'll get a free download.

Confused? Don't be. Know this: Either way, you get the track, and there's all kinds of crazy packaged ways (with expanded artwork, a thirty-minute documentary and a sixteen-page comic created by Sean Foreman, etc.) you can pick up the album on the act's site.

Anyhow, enough about that. By now, if you're enterprising enough -- and we suspect that you are -- you've probably already heard the song already anyway. But have you heard "Hey!" featuring Lil Jon? That's a dumb question. If you've heard "My First Kiss," you've probably heard "Hey!" We just came across it ourselves. It began making the rounds on the interweb, apparently, earlier this year, and somehow we missed it.

Early on, when 3OH!3 first hit the scene, crunk was a term that often got attached to the outfit, for better or worse. And while at that time, a collaboration Lil Jon (the uncontested king of said crunk) seemed as natural as it was far-fetched, here it kind of just sounds ho-hum, like -- well, if this were five years ago and we'd never heard Breathe Carolina, it might sound groundbreaking. As it stands, it's a nice enough electro track. Regardless, gotta hand it to the dudes. They sure know how to write a hook. And if this record resonates like we think it will, 3OH!3 will walking on Streets of Gold in no time.