Music Festivals

SXSW 2010: A moving snapshot of the Mile Hi-Fidelity and Spokesbuzz parties and Breathe Carolina at the Cedar Door

Once again, Colorado music was well represented this year at South By Southwest. From three successful day parties, including the Bocumast party at Union Park, which kicked things off on Thursday, followed on Friday by the Spokesbuzz party, which had the Northern Way offering up a solid cover of "Benny and the Jets," and a non-stop barrage of stellar talent at the Mile Hi-Fidelity party.

There was also a number of well attended individual showcases, included a dependably raucous set by Breathe Carolina at the Cedar Door on Friday night, in which they closed with "IDGAF" (I Don't Give a Fuck). That show featured a slew of upraised middle fingers and a killer light show -- dedicated to the stuck up industry types in the back, who the band invited to "suck my dick."

Matt Morris reportedly played a stunning, almost spiritual set at the Central Presbyterian Church, which we missed because we were at the Perez Hilton party catching Snoop Dogg (more on both of those in a minute). Morris says it was his best set of the fest. We caught jj there the night before. It's a breathtaking venue, so it's not hard to see why he was so moved playing there.