The best rap shows in Denver in January

MON | EARL SWEATSHIRT at CERVANTES' | 1/13/14 After releasing his prodigious self-titled debut at age sixteen, Earl Sweatshirt was exiled to a Samoan disciplinary program by his mother during the most exciting years of Odd Future's meteoric rise, depriving the act's rabid fans of his music. As a result, Sweatshirt's Doris was easily one of the most hyped rap albums this year. Because of his incredibly deep voice, occasionally repetitive flow and moodiness, Earl can come across as monotonous, but he is an incredibly gifted poet who has the ability to infuse his words with dark-ness and mystique while baring his soul with a refreshing honesty. (Earl Sweatshirt is also due on Sunday, January 12, at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.)

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