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SXSW 2010: Snoop Dogg and the things we learned at Perez Hilton's One Night In Austin Party

Things we learned from attending Perez Hilton's One Night In Austin Party this past weekend: First, most people, we've observed, will endure the most harrowing and patience trying conditions imaginable if the promise of free booze and the chance of rubbing shoulders with celebrities is dangled on the other side.

As such, we witnessed several hundred people (or more), braving unseasonably cold weather (39 degrees with a vicious wind), in a queue four or five people wide that stretched at least four city blocks (in front of the vacant warehouse up San Jacinto, down E. 4th to Brazos, back down to 3rd and then back to San Jacinto). Some waited for several hours just to get their hands on a highly coveted pink wristband granting them access to Perez's party. Many didn't make it in at all.

We overheard several folks indignantly demand entry because they were "with the media, and had RSVP'd" and should therefore "be on the list." A press pass? Not so much. This party required a "Perez pass," as it were, and that meant waiting in line like everyone else. BTW, for what it's worth to those that never made it in, celebrities, other than the ones on stage and the party's host making the introductions, seemed rather scarce among the rank and file.

Oh, and as it turns out, Macy Gray is alive and doing rather well, from the sounds of it. No longer a face on a milk carton (seriously, where's she been -- we haven't seen or heard anything from her since her stint as the cracked out neighbor lady in Trading Day), she was front and center at the Perez's party. Voice sounded great, as did her cover medley of "Do You Think I'm Sexy" and "Groove Is In the Heart."

Finally, after a lively set that featured classics like "Gin and Juice" alongside newer cuts like "Sensual Seduction," Snoop left us with some gems of wisdom and insight, as only he can. When you wake up in the morning, he stressed, there's three fundamental tenets we should follow: 1) Brush your teeth, 2) Thank God that you made it to see another day, and 3) Snoop's favorite and the most important thing (that being the case, why this wasn't number one, we're unsure) -- smoke weed, motherfucker!

Duly noted. Thanks, Snoop.