Youth of Today postpones its Denver show

Legendary straight-edge hardcore band Youth of Today has postponed its Denver show slated for this Thursday at the Summit Music Hall, but organizers say a make-up gig is in the works. We can't confirm any details yet, more than Youth of Today (who had D.Y.S. listed as a special guest) had to cancel the date last-minute due to a "family emergency," writes Soda Jerk Presents chief Mike Barsch over e-mail. Barsch adds that he is working on a make-up show for the Marquis Theater.

Youth of Today's busiest period was from 1986 to 1990. After a mostly quiet period during the '90s -- band members went to form new projects, Shelter most popular among them -- the band reformed for reunion gigs in the previous decade and have played a number of shows and conducted tours this year from Eastern Europe to South America, as well as dates in the States.

It looks like we all have a little longer to practice those stage dives and knock the rust off our moshing. Also on the bill for Thursday night's now-postponed show were locals Before We're Done and Perspective.

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